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Suvira McDonald
Suvira McDonald, Ceramic & Mixed Media Artist, Goonengerry Australia
Multi facetted Suvira McDonald is an award-winning Australian artist who may be found working in the forested hinterland of Byron Bay in northern NSW, Australia. His contemporary ceramic art constantly seeks new modes of expression; in his hands clay takes myriad forms. The large elemental constructed forms that find placement as garden sculpture, his unique ceramic landscapes, functional ceramics such as urns, platters, vases and the everyday coffee mug find uncommon form and excellence in his ceramic studio.

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Images from a great festival.

Schools from all over the northern rivers attended this years festival.


work by Eirka Mayer





Daniel Clemmett




Lee Stobbart-Volaro





And here are the winners of the

2012 SCULPTURE@ the Byron Bay Writers festival











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PostHeaderIcon Sculpture at the Byron Bay Writers festival

3 selectors 30 works 3 days

Actually this year we have four days of showing work. We are very happy to announce that the public can enjoy a preview of the sculpture show on Thursday the 2nd of August from  3 - 5 pm for a gold coin donation.

This is a first in the 5 years of the sculpture show at the writers festival.

you will seee this by Karl deWaal.4ff9315d73902-de_waal_karl_looks_like_nug_won_the_battle_but_lost_the_war_2._jpg


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PostHeaderIcon Sculpture at the Byron Bay Writers Festival


The festival is over.

Sculpture at the Writers Festival in Byron Bay proved itself by getting a lot of positive feedback by all concerned. The theme "passion" hit the mark. Writers came up to the organisers praising this years festival as one of the best in Australia. One John Pilger even said that it was one of the best in the world. That no doubt must be so by including sculpture as a complementing art form to the writers festival.


This years Judge Betty Churcher had a difficult time to decide on the winnners. Several rounds of the site and a couple of hours in the quietness of her hotel decided the winners.

1st prize. Daniel Clemmett, Embracing the Plateau

Daniel Clemmett, Embracing the Plateau



Second Prize: Otto Schmidinger, Jealousy


Otto Schmidinger, Jealousy


Highly Commended: Michael Bulloch, Key to my Heart

Michael Bulloch, Key to my Heart



















The Smalls have happened.





Dev Lengjel lives and works in the Byron Shire. When he is not staging sculpture shows he gets creative in the kitchen.


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PostHeaderIcon Byron Bay Writers Festival 2012

Sculpture at the Byron Bay Writers' Festival 2012



Dev dev@sculptureshow.net

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Dev Lengjel- all things sculpture

Sculpture is an ancient medium that has been used as a way of expressing ones beliefs and convictions as demonstrated by Sculptors in their works in ancient monuments for heroes, potentates and saints, as well as in contemporary public art.

It defines a place, can be community building or disappear with out a trace.

With the architecture of ancient civilisations reduced to ruins and their paintings lost without a trace sculpture has assumed a position as the art par excellence.

It offers the most objective evidence we have of mans power over the world.

While painting is apt to be travestied by time, sculpture more easily retains its original form and more often remains in the place for which it was made.

Could we imagine Florence without David or Melbourne without its Gateway? or living with out Giacometti's abstract figures or Andy Goldsworthy ephemeral installations?

Whether renaissance marble or contemporary public art, sculpture can provoke, but also enlighten, it can make you laugh and cry, it can make you marvel at the artistry, sneer with contempt or even leave you feeling vey little.

It celebrates a moment in time or just delights through form and beauty.








The Curator: Dev Lengjel


Dev has been the assistant curator for the Thursday Plantation Sculpture Show for 8 years. He was site manager for Artscape in Byron Bay NSW 2005 and 2010, the Casuarina Sculpture walk 2006, Casuarina NSW. Dev is the site curator for Swell Sculpture Festival in Currrumbin, Queensland. With partner in crime Priya Woolston he successfully introduced sculpture to the Byron Bay Writers Festival and now in fourth year, The show has grown into a major event with $ 10000 in prizemoney and Betty Churcher as judge.

Dev has also curated a number of gallery shows in conjunction with Still@the-centre.com, in Byron Bay, NSW.

Dev holds a certificate in Museum studies and Cultural Heritage. His art practice has seen him win the Crystal Castle Empheral Art prize and participate at the inaugural sculpture show in Lorne, Victoria, and Sculpture by the Sea in Albany, WA.

At this point we would like to acknowledge the photographers Lou Beaumont, Priya Woolston and Dev Lengjel.

Please get in touch with Dev re acknowledgement of your work.